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What is Alias Binding?

3. What is Alias Binding?

Alias Binding is a function you can bind another domain to your domain to share its records, that means you can manage many domains with exactly same records, for you to easily reduce repetitive operations.

When will you use Alias Binding?

For example, and need to be set up the completely same DNS records. If they are set and edit records in two domains separately, it will be very tedious and trivial.
At this moment, Alias Binding function can help you bind with, and then both these two domains will share with same records. If you want to edit any record, you can only just do it in one single domain like, and both two domains will be updated well.

How to make it work?

(1) Login to DNSPod website
(2) Click the domain you want to manage
(3) Click the Domains Settings here, and then click Edit in Alias, like this

(4) Enter into the following page, and fill in the domain that you want to bind, and click Save. Then the process is finished.


(1). Why does it show ‘the domain has been added, cannot be bound again’?
This is because the bound domain has existed. You can delete it and then bind again.
(2). Why does it show ‘The domain has been added by other account. You are not an authorized owner. Please verify your ownership and then retrieve the domain.’?
It is because this domain has been added by other user. If you are the authorized registrant, please use Domain Retrieve. And then delete the domain you input and bind again.