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What is Domain Name Sharing used for?

What is Domain Name Sharing?

Domain Name Sharing is a solution for multiple DNSPod accounts managing one domain name together.

When will Domain Name Sharing be used?

(1) If your company have Account A with domain a, b and c, but only domain a is needed to be managed by many people, then you can use the Domain Name Sharing to help you share the management with other accounts of your company.
(2) If you have VIP domain a stored in VIP Account A, and domain b and c kept in non-VIP Account B, then for simplicity, you can share domain a to Account B and login Account B to fulfill a unified management.

How to make it work?

(1) Log into our website
(2) Click the domain name you want to manage
(3) Click the Domains Settings on Domain manage tools, and then click Edit in Administrators like this

(4) Add the target email that you want to share to (if the email hasn’t been registered, we will send its owner an invitation)
Choose the subdomain that you want to share (if the subdomain hasn’t been added, it could be shared by the invited users in Administrators of Domain Settings)
Note that: the people being shared to can only add and control the lower level domains (i.e. 3 or more than 3 level domains) than the original shared subdomain, but cannot operate other subdomain.

Click Save button, and then the process is completed. After that, your domain will be shown in the invited account, who could manage your domain together.


(1) Do the persons being invited have to be DNSPod users?
Yes. If the people being shared to haven’t registered DNSPod accounts, they will receive the registration invitations from us. After signing up to DNSPod, the domain will be automatically shared to the joint accounts.