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How to implement load balance via DNSPod?

What is Load Balance?

It is common to see that a service is provided by multi-servers in large-scale network applications. The way of evenly distributing pressure of each server is called Load Balance.
[Utilizing DNSPod to implement the load balance of servers flow, whose principle is ‘randomly assigning various IPs to web visitors’.]

When will the load balance be used?

If you have many servers and you need to distribute the flow to each server, you can make use of DNSPod load balance to help you do this.

How to make it work?

Here is an example to show you.
If you have 3 Unicom servers and 3 Telecom servers, and you want to achieve the aim of distributing the flow from Unicom visitors to Unicom servers and the Telecom visitors to Telecom servers, you can set like this.

FAQs of Load Balance

(1) I have many Telecom servers (or Unicom servers). What should I fill in the blanks?
Please choose the line type as default when you add records.
(2) What is the IP provided with when DNS is polling? Is the flow distributed averagely?
IP is randomly assigned. The flow cannot be spread equally due to users resources differences.