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How to add SRV record?

Under what circumstances is SRV record needed?

[SRV record is used to mark the services the sever used. It is common in catalog management of Microsoft system.]

How to add SRV record?

  • A. In the host record field, the format is name of service.

  • B. Type of record is SRV.

  • C. Type of line (It is necessary to choose acquiescence. Otherwise some users cannot resolve.)

  • D. The format of value of record is priority, weight, port, host’s name,
    such as 0 5 5060
    After the record has created, it will input “.” behind the domain name automatically.
    This is a normal phenomenon.

  • E. You don’t need to enter MX priority.

  • F. Do not need to enter TTL because the system will generate it automatically. 600 seconds is default.
    (TTL is cache time. The smaller the number is, the faster the modified record goes into effect.)