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How to add A record?

Under what circumstances is A record needed?

[If one domain name directs to an IP address, A record is needed.]

How to add A record?

  • A. In the host record field, please add sub domain name. (For example, if you want to resolve, you should enter www in the host record field; if you want to resolve, please keep the field empty, and the system will add @ in the field.)

  • B. Type of record is A.

  • C. Type of line (It is necessary to choose acquiescence. Otherwise some users cannot resolve; as the picture shown, the function of choosing acquiescence is, except China Unicom users, all users’ resolution will direct to

  • D. The value of record is IP address. Please enter IPv4 address only.

  • E. MX priority is unnecessary.

  • F. Do not need to enter TTL because the system will generate it automatically. 600 seconds is default. (TTL is cache time. The smaller the number is, the faster the modified record goes into effect.)