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We provide you with diversified clients and rich well-documented API to meet your specific needs


We open almost all DNSPod API for you to do anything you want.

User API Document

V4.6 (updated on 2014-06-10)

User API document suits for both personal users and enterprise users.

Code Samples / Library

dnspod-python Official Python API interface implementation dnspod-api-php-web Official PHP API interface samples
dnspod-api-asp-web Official ASP API interface samples Dynamic DNS Scripts for Linux Python

The Third-Party Program

Node .JS version for DNSPod Clients A client of DNSPod in Node.JS by @ohsc Node.JS version for DNSPod DDNS A ddns updating tool of DNSPod in Node.JS by @ohsc
JC-DDNS - Support D-Token Developed based on the latest DNSPod API document (current version is API 4.5), Supporting D-Token and Windows 64-bits environment AirBabyDNS – Dynamic DNSPod Client on Adobe Air A DDNS tool developed based on Adobe Air, could be installed online and available for Windows, Mac and Linux.
JDDNSPod – Dynamic Command-line DNSPod Client a dynamic DNS client for dnspod written in pure Java PyDNS – All-Platform Client It is developed with Python, open-source, available for Windows and Linux, supporting API v4.0, and have functions of domains and DNS records management.
DNSPodsh – DDNS Scripts for Linux Shell version Full source codes of external docking DNSPod interface ASP version
idnspod by dai shixian iPhone Client ddns Use DNSPod API to do DDNS
phppod Developed with PHP, Linux version, Supporting new API DDNSPod Developed with VC, Open-source, Windows version, Supporting new API
DDNS For Mac Linux/Mac OS X version pydnspod A Python SDK of DNSPod domestic API
zy-ddns DDNS client based on DNSPod new API BlueBird DNS V2.1.0.16 Windows version, Supporting the new API
DynDNS A third-party tool of DNSPod API DDnsSharp DDNS software based on DNSPod services (applied to Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 and more)
This is NOT PeanutHul DDNS client on Windows

Great software is supported by great people, and DNSPod is no exception. All third-party programs above are developed and rights reserved by our passionate and dedicated users. If you come across any problem when you are using them, you can contact the relevant developers. If you have also developed your own third-party software based on DNSPod API, we warmly welcome you to contact us and we will add your program into this official list as well.

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