Run D-Token to secure domain names

D-Token that is ahead of other competitor, is a global security auxiliary tool to protect account. Dual identity verification can eliminate the security hazard completely.

Introduction of D-Token

D-Token is a security auxiliary tool developed by DNSPod. Using D-Token, users need to input 6 dynamic verification codes created by D-Token client besides passcode, when users login DNSPod. The verification codes will renew per 30 seconds. Because of stochastic verification codes, even the account or passcode are stolen, hackers cannot login the DNSPod account, the security hazard can be eliminated.

4 superiorities


What if D-Token was uninstalled or backup codes were lost and you can't use D-Token?

DNSPod also provides you with SMS verification. If you can't use D-Token as normal, you can enable or disable if via SMS with much more convience and security.

Password is changeable,security more reliable

D-Token generates dynamic codes every 30 seconds,ensuring the security of your accounts