Public DNS
Public DNS service provided by Tencent Cloud (DNSPod) is free for all users. It supports DoH, DoT, BGP Anycast, and ECS.
Why Public DNS?
Almost all internet traffic starts from a DNS request.
DNS is like a phone book for the internet. If you want to access a website, open an application, or send an email, the first thing is to check this phone book to learn where to get what you need.
Local DNS is usually slow and insecure. Some DNS service providers may even sell your private information or push advertisements.
Public DNS can function as a perfect substitute for local DNS. We promise to never sell your information or use it for advertising purposes. Public DNS also provides you with faster, more stable and most importantly totally hijack-free access to internet.
Based on BGP AnyCast technology, Public DNS encompasses the top 16 ISPs across China. A highly efficient cache design ensures ultimate fast experience.
Supports ECS protocol and has globally deployed recursive servers with proprietary IP traffic management technology to ensure access to closer servers.
With nodes across the world, Public DNS supports multi region failover cluster for automatic failover in seconds, guaranteeing a highly stable system.
Low Latency
Fast access and a highly efficient cache design, providing you with ultra-fast experience.
Zero Hijacks
No malicious redirection or forced advertisements, allowing smooth and unobstructed access.
Higher Precision
Recursive servers across the country and intelligent, precise DNS, ensuring zero packet loss.
Public DNS Node Distribution
Public DNS has served an accumulated 100+ million usersGet Started