You Can Trust

DNSPod is the most secure and stable free DNS hosting service provider. It supports DNS instant updating, Dynamic DNS and unlimited domains/records. You may like to become one of the 200,000 DNSPod members right now.   More »


Intelligent DNS

DNSPod DNS Server provides you a most intelligent DNS that opens a new era of DNS Hosting Service.

Instant DNS Update

Records modified in DNSPod will take effect in real time. You don't have to waste your life anymore!

Server's Health Monitor

DNSPod monitors and transfers the traffic out of the down server and transfers back when it's recovered.


DNSPod guarantees you a 99.9% uptime SLA to free members and 99.99% to Pro/Corporate members.

Why DNSPod?

DNSPod supports kinds of records, A, NS, URL, AAAA and so on, it also supports Dynamic DNS, Instant DNS updating and the TTL can be low to 1! DNSPod DNS Servers and DNS Protectors are all have independent intellectual property righs which make your DNS hosting much easier.